Price Performance Chiropractic


Back Pain Relief to Help Me Stay Active

I am an active person and back pain causes me to lose flexibility and energy.  A friend recommended Dr. Price several years ago  and I have been a patient ever since then.  The staff at Price Performance Chiropractic are professional and work with you for scheduling.  Dr. Price has relieved my back pain so I can stay active and continue to do the activities that I enjoy doing. Thanks!



Knee Pain Relief

Acupuncture started for me when I started having difficulty with my right knee.  I was at the point I wore a knee brace daily. Dr. Abbie Mork used electro-acupuncture around the right
knee. Amazingly, after one treatment it was immensely improved. I continued a few more treatments for full use and no pain. Now my husband has started seeing her as well after he saw my results. I don’t hesitate to get acupuncture with any muscle injuries, back neck, joints. It
is painless, relieving and easy.  I recommend this for anyone. She does amazing work.



Stress & Tension Relief

I started seeing Abbie because I needed a forever chiropractor after moving to Des Moines from Kansas City. I let her know some of my chiropractic needs, but was curious to learn more about cupping. After playing college sports and starting a career in a fast-pace, high-stress environment, I was stressed to the max and carried all of my stress in my shoulders and neck.

Abbie explained how cupping worked and how it was the reverse of a deep tissue massage, which I have had 100's of deep tissue massages with very little relief. I trust her and gave it a try. Cupping was a great experience for me and changed everything. I could feel the tension and tightness was relieved immediately. It was not painful and the "knots" in my shoulders were gone. My husband noticed a change in my stress level as well and could tell I was much less tense. If you are dealing with a problem area or are looking for a different kind of relief, I would HIGHLY recommend going to see Dr. Abbie Mork. She is one of a kind, genuinely cares, and has really helped change the way I manage my stress and tightness.

Gua Sha

Tennis Elbow Related to Lifting

I am a novice powerlifter and have experienced severe tennis elbow (intense pain caused by inflammation of the tendons on the outside of the elbow). This has been a chronic issue that has persisted for many months and is greatly aggravated by powerlifting (esp. bench press). I have tried many solutions with limited success. Abbie recommend I try gua sha to help break up the infected area and aid in healing. I was skeptical but decided to give it a shot. To my amazement I felt almost immediate relief. After only 2 sessions the chronic pain was mostly gone and I was able to sleep much better and the condition was less aggravated by my powewrlifiting training. In fact, my bench press is back to where it should be and I am once again pressing heavier weights. Thanks Abbie!