Nicole Huntington, Office Manager


Nicole Huntington was born in Des Moines and raised in a small town southwest of Des Moines in Afton, Iowa.  In her younger years she was very active in sports and 4H.  She was involved in sports such as track, volleyball, and dance.  Nicole started working at CARE (Community Adult Recreational Environment), which helped her to decide on Medical Assisting as a start for her education.  After high school she attended Mercy College of Health Sciences. While studying within the Mercy College program she worked with children through; The Homestead within home care.  During her third semester at Mercy College she had two externship rotations within Mercy/Mayo Family Medical Center now known as Mercy Family Medical Residency program and Mercy East Clinic.  Nicole’s ultimate focus has always been to be a part of helping others.  Nicole still plans to continue to on furthering her education in the medical field to increase her knowledge base as well as hands on and communication experiences.

Nicole has a strong faith in chiropractic and acupuncture.  She is very interested in alternative medicine and has always wanted to be a part of aiding patients in obtaining a greater level of health and well-being in a natural way.  Most importantly she seeks to fulfill the individual needs of each person.  Nicole looks forward to building relationships with each individual patient, and celebrating with them as they see improvements along their journey using a natural approach of healing.

When Nicole is not working she enjoys spending time with family and friends!!  Regular exercise and staying in shape is very important to her.  She enjoys running, yoga, fitness classes, and acupuncture.  She enjoys spending time at her parent’s in the country.  It is very peaceful and relaxing to go for walks with the family, boating, and fishing. Anything outdoors to enjoy fresh air! Nicole has two brothers and a step-sister that she is very close to.  

“A key component in life is finding our own individual happiness.”

Email Nicole at with any questions or to schedule appointments.