Nicki Jordan, Nutrition Coach

Nicki is an active mother of three boys who grew up in a small town in Eastern Iowa.  She migrated to Des Moines in 2001 after graduating from St. Ambrose University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in teaching and coaching.

Since college she has coached at her native high school of Wilton, and has also had the opportunity to work with USA Athletes International coaching softball and volleyball overseas.  She continues to be involved with youth coaching in her local community.

Nicki received her nutritional coaching and personal trainer certifications in 2015, and began coaching clients with Temple Nutrition and Fitness out of Winterset, IA.  She has been very active in growing this role and expanding her knowledge to include Aromatouch Therapy with Essential Oils, and TriggerPoint Therapy as additional modalities to help heal the body.

When she is not coaching or watching her boys in their various sports and hunting expeditions she enjoys yoga, sand volleyball, gardening and cooking.

She deeply believes that everyone, regardless of their fitness level or nutrition knowledge, can achieve their goals for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle with the help of a coach.  She has made it her mission to share her enthusiasm and knowledge to motivate individuals to attain their goals and reach their potential.

Whether you are an athlete wanting to maximize your results, or a Mother who is just trying to lose weight and feel good, Nicki is dedicated to helping you on your journey to getting the results you want.