Loss of Left Thumb Function

I started seeing Dr. Abbie Mork after working as a Nurse in Dialysis and losing function of my Left thumb. My doctor set me up with an appointment to see a neurologist, but wanted to try an alternative method.  I decided to try gua sha treatment that I discovered through my chiropractor in the same office.  Three treatments later I had full function back and cancelled my Neurology consult.  Now any numbness or muscle discomforts I don’t hesitate and go see Abbie. It can be tender in the beginning but was very much worth. 


Elbow & Back Pain Relief

As an active person and a powerlifter, regular chiropractic adjustments have been a great addition to my overall health and wellness plan. When I started having problems with elbow pain I reached out to Abbie for her guidance. She talked to me about Gua Sha. After the first treatment I experienced less elbow pain while lifting. After just a few treatments the discomfort I had even when at rest was gone. Now after regular bi-monthly treatments my elbow pain is completely gone! Since I had such positive results we had added my upper and lower back to the treatment regimen which has greatly decreased the tightness in those areas and along with mobility work seriously increased shoulder and upper back mobility.  Having Abbie add Gua Sha to my regular adjustment visits have been the best thing!