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Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy has proven to be a great method for helping the body through its healing process.  This is done by a small electric impulse being transmitted through the body.  To do this we apply small pads on specific locations that are unique to you and what your body needs.

The purpose of neuro-muscular stimulation is to relax or tone muscles that are restricting the spine from moving toward a normal state.  It also helps reduce swelling as well as trigger points.  EMS has a stimulating effect that blocks pain and neutralizes muscle spasms.

At Price Performance Chiropractic we often utilize EMS post adjustment due to its great ability to help relax the muscles directly related to the spine and allowing the adjustment to to hold better.  The most common locations you will find EMS used will be up the upper back all the way down to the low back.

Most people who get EMS opt to lay face down so that they can relax the muscles we are trying to effect as much as possible.  Commonly people in severe low back pain they are unable to lay down so they sit there for the duration of the therapy, which is roughly 10 minutes.