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Instant Results for a Woman with Scoliosis

I am a very practical, open minded, health conscientious person. BUT, cupping had me scared from hello. I’d been a long time participant and advocate for regular deep tissue work and adjustments when cupping entered my social media. So, being who I am, I researched it; I followed those I trusted and knew who were utilizing it; but I just couldn’t get past the pictures of the process.  SCARY.  Freaky as my daughter would say. 

I have scoliosis and powerlift and have a mostly desk job, as well as coach for wellness and nutrition…I value and know how important it is to train our bodies, feed our bodies, and rest our bodies. By all means cupping made scientific sense.  But I was nervous. I asked a lot of questions, and one night I got a nerve of courage, and asked Dr. Mork a gazillion more questions and booked an appointment. I quite frankly was a little worn out from deep tissue work, and thought worse case, I’d find a chiropractor I love closer to my office. BUT, unlike deep tissue work for me, cupping, without copious amounts of mental focus, instantly relaxed my muscles without tensing them. It was uncomfortable, but not teeth gritting like deep tissue work could be, and oddly relaxing. PLUS, the recovery was almost instantaneous and the lingering affects longer. My skin was a little tender, but after the first session where marks lasted for 6 days or so, subsequent sessions’ marks have faded in 1-3 days depending on the spot and tenderness is spotty at best. My back and hips aren’t nearly as tight as often now despite hard training and desk sitting. I’m like boom, shacka lacka…cupping for life.

Improve Performance and Pain Reduction

In 2006, I started developing pain which began on the side of my leg and slowly started moving toward my lower back. Since then, I have lived with chronic pain. I have taken many measures to include massages and myofascial release work. However, I have experienced the best and most immediately results with cupping therapy. After my first treatment, the pain on my left lower back diminished by 70% and increased my performance abilities as a power lifter!


Shoulder & Low Back Pain

For a long time I experienced pain and tightness in my shoulders and lower back.  The mobility in my shoulders was not good to say the least and this began to cause more and more issues as I pursued goals with work as well as fitness and strength training.  My wife and I started visiting Dr. Abbie at Price Chiropractic a few months back and she began using cupping therapy and gua sha to treat the problem areas.  Since beginning there I have found increased mobility in my shoulders and a very significant reduction in pain.  Also, the treatments and environment are extremely relaxing from the minute we walk in the door.  It’s always apparent that Dr. Abbie and her staff put the patient as their number 1 priority.  Visits and treatments with them have become a staple in our families long term health and well being regiment.