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Collegiate Runner with Hip Pain

I started seeing Dr. Abbie Mork after having already seen a physical therapist and chiropractor due to a hip flexor injury while running in college for UNI.  Although I did see some improvement, I felt that they didn’t have a good understanding of my injury.  Also, I felt they didn’t take the time to sit down with me and discuss what they thought was going on with my hip.

Dr. Abbie sat down with me as well as ran me through a bunch of tests to find out what was actually going on.  After just a couple of weeks with Dr. Abbie I started to see a noticeable improvement.  My hips were much loser and my pain levels decreased.  I appreciated that she gave me at home hip mobility exercises that I could do on my own between treatments.  Probably what I value the most about Dr. Abbie’s care is that she has a great understanding for athletics and lifting because she does these workouts herself.  Her education and background in fitness is unlike any other chiropractor I have worked with.  This is why as a personal trainer I recommend her to all of my clients.


Headache & Sinus Pressure Relief

I have been going to Dr. Price for years now.  We had a health appreciation day at work and Dr. Price came in and did some analysis. I had been in a car accident when I was younger and had headaches for several years and he suggested that with adjustments he could help relieve the headaches.  

He was able to adjust my neck and relieve the headaches and sinus pressure both.  He has also been adjusting my back for years and I credit him for me not having any major back pain as I get older. I had also had an inflamed rib cage from my liver being inflamed and using the muscle stem and diet I no longer have issues with inflamed rib cage.  I am so much healthier today and do not take an pain medications for headaches and sinuses any more. 

Thanks so much Dr Price!!!!

Mom & Marathon Runner

I’ve been going to Dr. Price for 5 years now. In 5 years, he has helped me through two pregnancies. My last pregnancy I had twins. My 5 foot even body needed help carrying those boys to 36 weeks. Regular adjustments were a definite help. After having the boys, my body needs adjusted even more… carrying those two on the outside isn’t any easier! Dr. Price does a great job pinpointing my aches and pain and immediately helping me. My schedule is never the same day to day and I appreciate his staff always finding time to fit me in. My latest accomplishment was done with great ease thanks to the care I receive from Dr. Price. I enjoyed every minute of the Chicago Marathon. I took in the atmosphere and smiled the whole way to the finish line. Thanks Dr. Price!

Helping Kids with Colds & Ear Infections

Will and Ben were born at 36 weeks and spent 12 days in the NICU. We see Dr. Price  because they had major ear infection issues and (like most kids) can catch a cold easily. The boys are old enough now to tell us when they have an ear ache and we can see when a cold is coming on. Dr. Price does a great job of making sure the boys aren’t scared. If we catch the cold early enough, the boys are up and running before we know it.


For years I have experienced occasional minor back discomfort.  Many times it came from just turning the wrong way or bending over to pick something up.  Recently I had a back X-ray which showed a slight “S” curvature in my spine.  Further examination showed my left shoulder to be about 2” higher than my right.  Much of this was due to the fact that all my life I have carried my purse or any other object with a shoulder strap on my left shoulder.  In an effort to stop any further damage as well as get more flexibility and improve alignment in my back, neck and shoulders, Dr. Mork began working with me on corrective exercises. These exercises are helping me to strengthen my right side as well as improve my mobility.  I have incorporated these exercises into my normal exercise routine and in the first week could already tell a difference in my posture and flexibility.  Even though I can’t repair the damage that has been done I can prevent it from getting worse with regular chiropractic care and incorporating simple changes in my everyday routines.


Prepping for her First Marathon

I knew I was in for quite a challenge when I decided to do the full IMT Des Moines Marathon in October of 2012. I had months to train and prepare for the 26.2 miles, but I’m not one to stick to training schedules – because I love to run so much! I was running 40 to 50 miles a week leading up to marathon day. One of my steps in preparing was to get a chiropractic adjustment, and get everything into place before hitting that starting line! Dr. Price and his wonderful staff are always smiling, attentive, and have positive attitudes all the way around. Needless to say, I finsihed my first marathon in 4:05:39!  Crossing that finish line after 26.2 miles, I knew exactly where I needed to go soon after…to Dr. Price to get my chiropractic adjustment!


Arthritic Hip Pain at a Young Age

I was introduced to Dr. Abbie through a mutual friend of ours. Our relationship began to grow as friends which caused me to become more trustworthy with the chiropractic industry.  Coming from an athletic background my body has taken a beating. I developed arthritis in my left hip and have also had some tightness in my neck. My comfort level with chiropractor’s touching my neck was extremely low and gave me anxiety.  Dr. Mork instilled comfort in me and made me confident that I was in good hands.  Since coming to Price Performance I have been able to enjoy some extra curricular activities that I would not have been able to otherwise. If you are looking for a chiropractor with a warm, friendly, family oriented practice Price Performance is a place that I would highly recommend.  I have a new found respect for chiropractor’s and the service that they provide.


Pain Free Pregnancies

I have been a patient of Dr. Price’s for years now and he has gotten me through 2 pregnancies.  I was concerned with my back problems of being pregnant and carrying the extra weight but with regular adjustments by Dr. Price I had no back problems during the pregnancies.  The first delivery went smoothly and I’m not expecting any issues with the second.  Thank you Dr. Price!


Constant Headache Relief

I first went to Dr. Price because I was having constant headaches. I remember being scared to come when I was younger, but was glad that I did make it in. Since starting coming in regularly my life has changed in many ways. No more headaches, no strain on my neck or back and I feel healthier. Makes me feel like a new man! I feel Price Chiropractic is a great place to come. Dr. Price is one of the nicest doctors I know and is a great person outside of the office. He knows exactly how to help in the chiropractic field. Don’t hesitate to come in! It’s worth it!


Distance Runner

In the recent months I have been visiting Price Performance Chiropractic for adjustments during the weeks of my races. I am a marathon runner, triathlete and teacher. I have done a total of 9 marathons and am getting read to run my 10th marathon in October. Out of my 9 marathons, I have ran 3 under 3 hours. I have also done many smaller running races as well as some sprint triathlons.  When I have a race coming up, or if I can tell that I really need an adjustment Dr. Abbie has been very helpful with getting my back, neck and hips adjusted and loosened so that I am ready to run. She has also done a great job of informing me about some stretches and post-race recovery techniques that I can use to help me recover from a recent race. Thanks, Dr. Mork and the great staff at Price Performance Chiropractic.


Care After a Work Related Injury

I am a 65 year old male and in 2001 I had a serious injury on a construction project. I had damage to my lower, middle, upper back, nech and nervous system. I have seen many doctors and chiropractors over the years, even the president of the Chiropractic Association for a state I lived in. I have received some of the best quality treatment I have ever had from Dr. Abbie. Thank you for keeping me on my feet with less pain that allows me to go on with my everyday life.


Headache Relief & Helps Keep Him Active

Visiting Dr Price at Price Performance Chiropractic for several years has helped keep me as active as I want to be and really minimized the everyday pain, aches, discomfort, and stiffness that comes with trying to stay active. Another benefit I’ve noticed from the visits is that chiropractic helps relieve the stress in my neck & headaches from sitting at a desk looking at a monitor all day. It’s also been great in helping me deal with just the everyday stress of my job. I only wish I would have started coming in to see Price Performance sooner than I did.


Young Basketball Player with Hip Pain

I started going to Dr. Price when I hurt my hip playing basketball.  I had been dealing with a lot of pain as a result of the injury and had trouble doing any of my normal activities.  After a week of going to Dr. Price I was able to walk with no pain, and after about a month I was able to do low intensity basketball again.  Whenever I went for one of my appointments I would always feel a lot better and would be able to do even more activity after each adjustment.  Dr. Price was also very helpful in telling me what other things I should be doing and what other kinds of doctors I should be seeing for my hip.  He really cared about me and my injury and was very crucial to my recovery. I really want to thank Dr. Price for all all that he has done for me and my hip.


Multiple Automobile Accidents

Dr. Price was recommended to me by a family member who had heard good things about him. I began seeing Dr. Price because I was dealing with a past car accident and other health issues such as general wear-and-tear in my joints and neck. In the years that Dr. Price has kept me adjusted, I was in two more car accidents. I am convinced that if not for good chiropractic care, I would not be able to do the things I am doing now. I have always been a very active person and I can continue to be because of Dr. Price and not have to face the surgeries that my mother went through.


Sciatica During Pregnancy

About 10 weeks into my pregnancy I began experiencing sciatic nerve pain (bad shooting pains in my lower back) as the anatomy of my body started changing to make room for my developing baby.  I could not find relief from doing anything on my own and was wondering how in the world I would be able to make it another 30 weeks with such pain.  Dr. Price was able to help me manage this pain with weekly adjustments and showed me some stretches I could do in between appointments as well.  Without this I am not sure what I would have done.  Now that I have delivered my baby I plan to continue with adjustments to ensure the health of my spine and body.


Young Gymnast with Neck & Back Pain

I first went to Dr. Price after I hurt my back in gymnastics. A friend of mine told me she went to him. Since being under chiropractic care I have less back and neck pain and more back flexibility!

I think others should know that at Price Performance Chiropractic they really know what they are doing!


Athletic Female Finally Gets Back Relief

I’m so glad that I switched to Price Performance Chiropractic. I’ve been dealing with a back injury since around November and working with another chiropractor.  After 4 months of no results, I decided it was time to change.  My friend Jen and Kimberly recommended Dr. Price.  After only one visit I know that I’ve finally found where I need to be.  I felt relief from my pain for the first time in months.  Dr. Price truly cared about my health and spent time finding out what was wrong and actually feeling what was out of place and injured instead of relying on a piece of equipment to tell him.

Thank you Dr. Price!!  My family, team, and I thank you!

Improved Health Through Wellness Care

A good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Price years back. Under chiropractic care I am now enjoying better health, and I am more comfortable. One benefit I notices soon after care was the ability to travel by car without pain.

Price Performance Chiropractic is courteous, respectful, and caring. They also are flexible on scheduling and always do their best to get you in the office.


Allergy & Sinus Relief at a Young Age

I began bringing my seven year old daughter for chiropractic care to treat her very bad seasonal allergies. She was miserable and had trouble getting a good night’s sleep because she was so congested all the time despite taking allergy medication. After just a few treatments it was very noticeable that her allergy symptoms were alleviated. Her snoring was completely gone and the morning sneezing fits disappeared. My daughter was a tough sell in the beginning, but Dr. Abbie made her feel very comfortable and was more than willing to work with her at her comfort level and not rush into anything she was not ready for. She continues to see Dr. Abbie on an as needed basis and hardly has any allergy related symptoms what-so-ever.

Back Pain Relief to Help Me Stay Active

I am an active person and back pain causes me to lose flexibility and energy.  A friend recommended Dr. Price several years ago  and I have been a patient ever since then.  The staff at Price Performance Chiropractic are professional and work with you for scheduling.  Dr. Price has relieved my back pain so I can stay active and continue to do the activities that I enjoy doing. Thanks!