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Shoulder Pain Relief

My journey started out with bursitis in both shoulders. My doctor had suggested I try acupuncture since the shots were not working to relieve the pain.  

Honestly I hate needles and originally said no way. But the pain was getting worse. One day I asked Dr. Mork about how she did the acupuncture and she did tell me I needed to try it at least two times to know if it is working because the first time people are usually more tense at the unknown. She used muscle stem on the needles which feels like a deep tissue massage in itself. I never felt the needles going in. So I was committed to two visits and have not stopped. I have been doing acupuncture for around 4 years.  The first visit was fine and by the second visit I was so relaxed and my shoulders were no longer hurting. Now I actually fall asleep during it. I feel so relaxed and I have not had to take any shots for my shoulders since I began.  

Dr. Mork does an awesome job and I'm glad I took the leap of faith and I'm no longer taking steroid shots which is a plus. I highly recommend acupuncture to everyone. I wish I had done it sooner!

Thanks so much Dr. Mork!!!!


Migraine Headaches & Anxiety

I have suffered for over 16 years from headaches, migraines, and anxiety. I was officially diagnosed with migraines when I was 12 years old, and have tried countless treatments, medications, and life adjustments since then, with no relief lasting more than a week or two. I made an appointment with Dr. Abbie for acupuncture after it was suggested by a friend. I happened to have a headache the day of my first appointment, and after a gua sha and acupuncture treatment, I left her office completely headache free for the first time in two weeks. I was ecstatic as time passed, and I only had one small headache in the two weeks between appointments. Adding acupuncture with Dr. Abbie has become a permanent fixture in my life. The decrease in the severity and amount of headaches and migraines I experience has been life changing and I can't thank her enough for helping me achieve what I didn't think was possible! 


Hot Flash Relief

I am a post menopausal woman, 55+ in relatively good health, exercise regularly, have yearly physicals, maintain a healthy weight and watch what I eat.  Even by trying to balance a healthy lifestyle it does not eliminate the symptoms that come with menopause or by carrying your purse on the same shoulder all your life.

When I was peri-menopausal I experienced hot flashes as well as night sweats that affected my ability to get a sound night sleep leaving me fatigued during the day.  Through Dr. Abbie I learned that acupuncture has successfully provided relief of these side effects for many women.  I began receiving treatments twice a weekly and then weekly.  Within two months the hot flashes and night sweats had all but disappeared.  I was finally able to have uninterrupted sleep and woke up feeling rested and energized.


Knee Pain Relief

Acupuncture started for me when I started having difficulty with my right knee.  I was at the point I wore a knee brace daily. Dr. Abbie Mork used electro-acupuncture around the right
knee. Amazingly, after one treatment it was immensely improved. I continued a few more treatments for full use and no pain. Now my husband has started seeing her as well after he saw my results. I don’t hesitate to get acupuncture with any muscle injuries, back neck, joints. It
is painless, relieving and easy.  I recommend this for anyone. She does amazing work.